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Rev Powered Pte Ltd, is a car garage that provides the best service and aims to achieve excellence in automotive aspect since 2007. As a legit one stop solution in Maintenance, Servicing, Automotive Repairs & Modifications, Rev Powered Pte Ltd targets to satisfy our customer’s automotive needs at their convenience. We have a viewing lounge to provide a comfortable hospitality during your visit whilst awaiting your vehicle. When it comes to your safety on the road, it’s our priority.

Management Team

Management Team is a group of people who run the main directions of work of our company. Success of the whole service depends on their work, and we can safely say that these professionals are doing everything for the progressive company development. If you have any suggestions, questions, etc, our management team is always ready to take your information into account.


The development of the company's strategy, the introduction of new services and technologies, it all rests on the shoulders of one of our responsible and highly skilled managers.


Management Team member's work also includes control of information about all processes that are taking place inside the company - staff, shareholders, budget, etc. And our expert takes care of all of this perfectly.

Han Han

Any company requires a specialist to work with staff, educate and coordinate them. Work of any member of our service is checked and always on point thankfully to Steven Burge.