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Wheel Alignment

Every vehicle requires some gentle care, to serve as much as it's possible. The maintenance of each car or truck includes wheel alignment. This is necessary so you can be sure about your vehicle and for your own comfort.

Provide Towing Services

All drivers can be sure that he is not alone on the road. Because our team will always provide faster and better services to provide customer's satisfaction. Call +65 81218283

Live Support

In an emergency situation or for any other matter, which concerns the scope of our services, the customer can get help online or call for help.

Sales Services

Besides that, our company provides the opportunity to buy any part of your car, we offer to upgrade it – make it more comfortable for the owner. Also our company offers its own brand of gasoline, which perfectly passed a quality check.

Car Tyre services

If your Car tyres are wearing out or overdue the expiring timing we can assist you to replace your car tyre.

Engine Overhaul Services

We provide overhaul engine services. All engine blocks are remove for Carbon Cleaning, Combustion Chamber Cleaning, Piston Cleaning, Replacing all Gaskets.

Air-con Services

We inspecting, Repair/replacing Air-con system, Thermostat, Radiator, Compressor, Condenser and piping.

Engine Oil Services

One of the unique that our company offer our own Rev Powered Pte Ltd's brand: Rev Performance. We guarantee the level of quality of our products and it advantages. Rev Powered Pte. Ltd. will continue to create new engine oil to prevent friction on engine pistons from wearing out.

Preventive Maintenance services

All parts on the vehicle have it life span. All necessary parts need to be replaced through periodical time to prevent break down or failure on the road. These are due to wear and tear.

Collective services

Part failure concerning to the vehicle, we are able to fix almost everything that are required: replace parts, restore the cabin or paint, and anything that a car require.

Complete care with points check

We provide points check to prevent failure occur during operation. We offer the 'Complete Care' service to make your car perfect.

Third Party Accident Claim

If accident is involve, we can assist you to claim from the third party insurance. If your Vehicle insurance is premium insured, you are able to proceed to another car workshop to claim the insurance. A car may be provided.

Insurance Renewal Assistant

We can provide Insurance renewal upon request.